A Guide To Arable Protocol

Decentralized yield farming platform, built on a synthetic asset infrastructure.

Arable is a decentralized yield farming platform that is built on a synthetic asset infrastructure. This means Arable will be offering yield farming pools from multiple chains, all on a single chain.

This is powered by Synthetic assets, which allows us to represent the same yield people would expect from a native chain, all while not having to bridge assets across chains and pay constant bridge fees. Arable is built by farmers, for farmers, to eliminate the hassle, cost, and friction of finding the most fertile investment opportunities to maximize yields.


What makes Arable Protocol unique?

On Arable, users will be able to do yield farming across a range of chains without the need to worry about bridging and fees.

Arable has the ability to provide investment pools across a range of chains all on one single chain.  This means once users enter the platform, they can select from a broad range of options without having to jump chains and pay fees. 

Arable protocol noticed that some platforms stick to 1 or 2 chains, making bridging assets can be time consuming and costly. Arable looks to eliminate that friction from yield farming.

There are two potential roles user could take on the Arable platform:

  1. As a farmer, users will have the option to invest across chains without ever  having to leave the platform.
  2. As a Minter, the user will mint arUSD which is the on-ramp to the Arable Protocol. They will receive $ACRE rewards and transaction fees  as rewards.


What are synths and synth farms?

Synths are derivatives of native cryptocurrency, backed by arUSD. Synth can be farmed on synthetic farms on Arable.

‘Synths’ are, in a nutshell, derivatives of native cryptocurrency assets like ETH or LP tokens. All synths are backed by our stable asset arUSD, which can be minted in an over-collateralized fashion directly on our platform. To buy synths farmers can buy arUSD at a 3rd party DEX like Pangolin and exchange it for any supported synthetic asset available on the Arable platform.

The Arable synth DEX has zero slippage, and you can swap between synths for a flat fee percentage. Any synth we offer can also be farmed on our synthetic farms. These farms offer the same return (APR) as their counterparts on their native chains. Farmers will get the same rewards, albeit in their synthetic derivative form.

Since synths are a derivative, their price is based on the market price, which means that any exchange of synths at the Arable DEX does not affect the market price. Farmers can exchange their synth assets back to arUSD at any time and swap the arUSD to other cryptocurrencies on 3rd party DEXes like Pangolin. Which synths Arable will support will be decided by governance.


What are the utilities $ACRE?

As a governance token, users will be able to mint arUSD with $ACRE, and receive benefits on the platform.

$ACRE is Arable’s governance token, enabled as collateral on the platform. Minters will be able to mint arUSD with $ACRE. In the future there will be more use cases – revenue sharing, buy backs from profits (and then burn) and also used as gas fees when we build our own blockchain on the Cosmos SDK.


How does Arable keep their stable coin, $arUSD stable?

arUSD is a stable coin pegged to USD. A stability bots run by select validators who will buy/sell USDT<->arUSD to keep the peg.

In the initial phase starting with MVP on June 29th, until we reach 1 million minted arUSD liquidity, we will set up an unbalanced arUSD/USDT stability pool on our platform. During its operation, users can swap between arUSD and USDT at a fixed ratio of 1:1 without slippage.

After reaching 1M arUSD, we will enable an arUSD/USDT pool on the Pangolin DEX. For this pool, we have an extra-incentivized early-bird liquidity provider program running.


350,000 $ACRE to be rewarded to DFIAT stakers

To celebrate the $ACRE onboarding on DeFiato, we will be giving out 350,000 $ACRE to DFIAT stakers. Simply stake a minimum of 500 $DFIAT to qualify for the airdrop campaign. Users will need to retain your stake in the pool until 8AM UTC daily to receive the rewards.

This event will start once the $ACRE farm pair is launched on DeFiato. Stay tuned for Stay tuned for more updates regarding ACRE token farm and DFIAT staking reward.


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