DeFiato partners with Crystabaya to bring DeFi into the tourism industry

100,000 NFT-based hotel nights worth USD $5 million to be given away

DeFiato – the next-generation mainstream Fintech platform for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) – and Crystabaya – a marketplace of NFT-based hotel nights which covers a network of more than 10,000 hotels – have announced their international strategic partnership to use DeFiato’s Fiat on-ramp for tourism-related transactions on 

This partnership opens a new era of convenient rapid transactions and a high level of liquidity for the tourism industry, providing ongoing benefits to all of its stakeholders. Travelers around the world can pay using crypto with ease; at the same time, hotels can receive fiat money as a settlement via DeFiato’s Fiat on-and-off ramp. Travelers also have the opportunity to receive fiat when re-selling their NFT-based hotel nights on the marketplace.  

This partnership will allow the users on DeFiato to immediately experience a real bridge between the physical world (e.g. hotel stays) and the metaverse (NFT marketplace). This also brings significant revenue and profit opportunity to DeFiato via fees charged on fiat off-ramp transactions, which will in turn accrue to DFIAT stakers over time.

Crystabaya – the first tangible NFT that connects the real world to metaverse 

Crystabaya aims to build the next generation of the online travel marketplace on the blockchain in order to serve travelers across the globe more exceptionally at reduced costs. On this exchange platform, travelers can find and book a room at the cheapest possible rate while having the peace of mind of keeping their money secure when their travel plan changes, due to their ability to trade their NFT-based booked stays. 

As a result, Crystabaya converts the centralized hotel and rental house booking experience into flexible and customizable decentralized exchange opportunities for travelers, hotel owners and investors; all of which will greatly benefit from it. On top of accepting the traditional fiat payment, Crystabaya will also support a variety of crypto payments and exchange them to fiat for hotel owners while transacting them via the traditional invoicing system.

DeFiato NFT staking capability with Crystabaya NFT

As a go-to platform for all DeFi services with its cross-chain support and upcoming fiat access, DeFiato’s cutting-edge technology for staking, farming, and secured Fiat gateway has  provided the right infrastructure for Crystabaya to deploy this first-of-its-kind tangible NFT marketplace to travelers across the world.

With the Crystabaya NFT staking launch, it will unlock tremendous value for DFIAT token holders that will qualify for these liquid and redeemable NFTs.

More importantly, it will introduce a new capability to DeFiato unlike any other DeF/CEDEFI platforms out there. From here, DeFiato will be able to work with many NFT projects out there to introduce new capabilities to their products and enhance their roadmaps.

Mövenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc

Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort And Spa

USD $5 Million worth of NFT-based hotel nights to be rewarded to DFIAT stakers 

To celebrate this partnership, DeFiato will launch 2 new staking pools to give away 100,000 NFT-based hotel nights to DFIAT stakers. Here’s how you can stake DFIAT to earn NFT.

Pool 1: Stake min. 8,000 DFIAT, locked for 30 days – Earn 1 NFT

Pool 2: Stake min. 800 DFIAT, locked for 180 days – Earn 1 NFT

Each NFT is worth min. $100 USD, and redeemable for a 4-to-5 star hotel stay in Vietnam. To check out the list of hotels available, visit

The reward will be distributed at the end of each 30-day OR 180-day period, depending on the respective staking pool. Every 8,000 or 800 DFIAT staked will earn you 1 NFT. You can participate multiple times to earn multiple NFTs.

Example Pool 1: 

Stake 8,000 DFIAT = Earn 1 NFT
Stake 8,500 DFIAT = Earn 1 NFT
Stake 16,000 DFIAT = Earn 2 NFTs

Example Pool 2:

Stake 800 DFIAT = Earn 1 NFT
Stake 1,500 DFIAT = Earn 1 NFT
Stake 1,600 DFIAT = Earn 2 NFTs

Once the 30 or 180 days lockup ends, your staked DFIAT tokens will be transferred back to your wallet. You can then join the staking again to receive more NFTs.

Each NFT will be redeemable for a hotel stay which will be assigned from a list of 4-to-5 star hotels at random. You can also trade your NFTs in secondary markets.

Staking Mechanism:

  1. Staked DFIAT tokens will be locked for 30 or 180 days. No early redemption allowed.
  2. The campaign will run for 12 months (or until the available NFTs are fully redeemed).
  3. The pool’s reward is the NFT, there would be NO ADDITIONAL DFIAT reward or other reward distributed daily.



The staking pool is currently only available on (website). The feature will be added to mobile applications (iOS and Android) soon.


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