Next-Gen DeFi Platform DeFiato Onboards Harmony Blockchain

100,000 $ONE to be earned in our new DFIAT-Harmony ONE staking pool

DeFiato is a next-generation Centralized DeFi (CeDeFi) platform which combines the user-friendly features of a centralized platform with the entire universe of DeFi services. It allows DeFi services such as swapping, yield farming, lending/borrowing and more to be easily accessible to all users, including those with little or no experience.

Sixth blockchain supported on DeFiato

By innovating on both the protocol and network layers, Harmony ONE, the next-gen sharding-based blockchain for decentralized applications, provides the world with a scalable and secure blockchain system that is able to support the emerging decentralized economy. Harmony will enable applications which were not previously feasible on blockchain, including high-volume decentralized exchanges, interactive fair games, Visa-scale payment systems, and Internet-of-Things transactions. Harmony strives to scale trust for billions of people and create a radically fair economy.

As a next-gen centralized DeFi platform, DeFiato is proud to onboard Harmony ONE as our 6th blockchain supported on the platform to offer cross-chain asset transfers with Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon and Solana. Users can now enjoy an even more seamless experience when participating in DeFi services on DeFiato, further strengthening our position as a revolutionary one-stop DeFi platform.

DeFiato onboards $ONE, native token of Harmony 

As a go-to platform for all DeFi services with its cross-chain support and upcoming fiat access, DeFiato will also be onboarding $ONE, the native token for Harmony, on Apr 25, 2022. Users will be able to deposit and withdraw $ONE from Apr 25, 2022, 8AM UTC, and participate in the DFIAT-ONE staking pool from Apr 27, 2022, 8AM UTC, directly on DeFiato via the platform’s proprietary one-click-to-farm technology. This will help to create liquidity on the chains supported by DeFiato and accelerate the growth of Harmony.

DeFiato currently supports Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Solana, with plans to onboard 10 more chains in H1 2022. This allows assets to be transferable across the supported chains and thus increasing liquidity and usage of $ONE and other integrated DeFi services.

Community token specially designed for the Harmony Ecosystem

Harmony, like many other layer 2 (L2) platforms, has its community token, Harmony ONE, which stresses the protocol’s objective of assisting open consensus procedures for billions of individuals throughout the world.

The ONE token is utilized as a stake in the Harmony consensus model. Holders can earn block rewards and be rewarded for keeping the system running smoothly.

The Harmony ONE token is used to pay for all platform activities and amenities, including voting, transaction fees, gas fees, staking and earning rewards.

“DeFiato exists to make more chains and protocols easily accessible for the masses. With this partnership with Harmony, DeFiato not only fulfills this mandate but also inherits additional capabilities of cross-chain interoperability that Harmony brings.”

Jeremy Khoo, CIO of DeFiato

100,000 $ONE to be earned by DFIAT stakers 

To celebrate the Harmony ONE onboarding on DeFiato, we will be opening a DFIAT – Harmony ONE staking pool from Apr 27, 2022, 8AM UTC with 100,000 $ONE to be earned. Simply stake minimum 10 DFIAT to earn ONE reward tokens, enjoying an estimated APR of approximately 200%. For every 1 DFIAT staked, users will earn 0.1 ONE. This flexible staking has no cool down period. The staking pool will be open for 30 days and the maximum capacity is at 1,000,000 DFIAT. Once 1,000,000 DFIAT are staked, the staking pool will no longer allow for additional staking of DFIAT tokens. Users will need to retain your stake in the pool until 8AM UTC daily to receive the rewards.

Start staking your DFIAT tokens and earning ONE today at!

DeFiato open for more DeFi partnerships

With a beginner-friendly and all-in-one DeFi platform, DeFiato has accumulated more than 100,000 users worldwide within just a year of launch. The platform is constantly growing its DeFi service offerings in its journey to becoming a leading cross-chain aggregator in the DeFi space.

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DeFiato – Let’s Farm and Forget.

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100,000 $ONE to be earned in our new DFIAT-Harmony ONE staking pool

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100,000 $ONE to be earned in our new DFIAT-Harmony ONE staking pool

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100,000 $ONE to be earned in our new DFIAT-Harmony ONE staking pool